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I craft custom websites as a consultant with agencies based in California, New York, Atlanta and more.

My expertise in design, development, and e-commerce marketing opens the doors for uncharted results to numerous businesses, passionate entrepreneurs or distinguished charities around the world.

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  • Marketing & SEO
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Who is Alexandru Doda?

Born and raised in a small Transylvanian town in Eastern Europe, Alex moved to London at age 18 to study Web Technologies. As a big dreamer who could not settle to study within a planned curriculum, he dropped out of University to work on his products and pursue his career as a developer and tech consultant, while traveling and having fun.

Over the past years, he focused on materializing his knowledge and skill into helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, charities, and creatives. Primarily focusing his time on agency collaborations, he developed dozens of top quality informational sites, e-commerce products, web applications, blogs and other products.

After years of substantial research and late nights of work, he also developed his WordPress development framework called Ascripta – an intelligent software that can use any design input to build top notch custom themes and web solutions.

What’s the next step?
To shape businesses from ideas to successful realities, to innovate and create software products that revolutionize, to learn and meet as many creative minds as possible in one lifetime.

Years of Experience

His career started when he was only 14 with a passion for design, development, business, and engineering.

Throughout the years, he attended global technology conferences, completed numerous meaningful courses, but above all; he helped many innovative minds execute their ideas into sustainable businesses.

Successful Projects
Grinding with dedication for a variety of amazing clients.
Completed Tasks
Whether it's optimization, fixes, consulting, and more.
Courses Finished
Covering code, design, security, business, and more.
Social Reach
Spread across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

The Process

Establishing the first contact matters.
Many consultants and agencies overlook this as part of their internal process, yet it is one of the essential steps because it helps us figure if we are the best fit for each other. That’s why the process of getting in touch is shaped as an experience, not as a basic form or phone number.
Putting things on paper. In high-quality ink.
Unarguably the most important part of the process, the planning part is when we put the facts down and decide what to do next and how. Instead of figuring things “on the go,” we make sure everything is as clear as possible to avoid pitfalls and unexpected situations.
Diving into the facts. With a swimming suit.
Once we have a solid idea of what’s going on, we look for inspiration and gather all the necessary information to build a reliable and efficient product. Since your project has unique requirements and targets, we need to dig for the data that fits your idea, and not everyone else’s.
Unlimited creativity unleashed, no compromises.
Long gone are the days when a basic free or commercial theme is enough. To unchain your idea from the limitations of what a cheap solution has to offer, we custom design your project based on the substantial planning and extensive research carried out earlier.
Seeing between the lines of code.
With an overwhelming number of languages, techniques, and systems, it is hard for you to know what the best approach and whether executed correctly. While many freelance developers and agencies rely on outdated and messy techniques, we do handcrafted code following the latest standards and workflows. Now and forever.
Giving the project a bulletproof vest suit.
Without extensive and careful testing, no product can be considered final. Our process includes testing against all the major browsers, a variety of devices and environments, usage patterns, personas and more. We run a thorough quality testing report after pushing the project to the staging environment and make sure everything is ready for launch.
It is not as simple as copy/paste. And we know it.
You might be launching a new site or redeveloping your existing one. In either case, there are many factors to consider, such as hosting configuration, active site users, preserving and adapting old data, making the transition unnoticeable for your audience, and a lot more. We take care of everything and make sure going live is never a hassle. Ever.



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